(\_ Safety on Board _/)

... for Ponies!!

Safety on Board

Hello my fellow ponies. Are you flying to Galacon, BUCK, BronyDays or Crystal Fair? Then you need a special edition of Safety on Board for Ponies. You are lucky because I have here one piece from czech trip to BronyCon 2013.

Safety on Board is avaliable at English and Czech language.

You can download and print PDF version: (colorful and shiny)
Safety on Board
PDF English
Safety on Board
PDF Czech

Or read online web version.
Safety on Board
Online English
Safety on Board
Online Czech

Be safe.


  • Author: Xsoft
  • Graphics: NorthenCross
  • Revisions and English translation: Darm

    Version revision:

  • Czech - 1.1 final
  • English - 1.4 final

  • In short

    Check out our safety guide images. Feel free to share:
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