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4.6.2014 – T-1 month to awesome convention: Crystal Fair 2014 (Finland, Helsinki). Check out the webpage, check out program, guest list, and mainly visit this convention.

19.4.2014Mirorr for Czequestria made. czequestria.powerponies.cz. Now with LDAP and RADIO support.

5.4.2014 – MLP lecture from 4FUN event is here. And some cell phone photos over there. Enjoy ^_^.

27.12.2013 – Forum down? oh well, calm down and backup. You don't need to be online 24/7. Just relax, tune radio, be good.

12.12.2013 – OUR DAY HAS FINALLY COME. Power Ponies episode is here.
Happy Xmas to everypony.

8.11.2013 – You are NOT a pegasus pony? And you are traveling by plane? Then you definitely need Safety on Board for Ponies. Avalable at PDF and Online version. Also at English and Czech language. Be safe, take care.

1.11.2013 – We have a blog. Did you hear it. A blog. Go to check it, NOW.

29.10.2013 – BronyDays huh? Yeah, great convention at Paris, France. You might be interesting about few thinks:

  • my pictures (FB link)
  • Safety on Board for ponies (gimme few hours/one day to make ENG revision)
  • Trotmania (DDR) and My Little Karaoke

    20.10.2013 – Two more videos from Quad4MLP and Trotmania. Powered by evil EQG edition. video 1 video 2.

    8.10.2013 – I was at Japan and I hit Japan Pony Con 2013. Here are random pictures from Japan trip 2013 and from JPC 2013. Also there are Czech Broneis photos at foto.powerponies.cz. Enjoy.

    9.9.2013 – Is bronies.cz down? Use: bronies.powerponies.cz.

    28.08.2013 – Site goes to the public. Hints for search on Bronies forum where:

  • Hint #1: 4/6
  • Hint #2: Xsoft mysli nadcasove
  • Hint #3: {zip}MM, R, SR, STS{/zap}
  • Hint #4: Smallville, teda Ponyville
  • Hint #5: MLP S04/E06: PP

    And (x)soft hints that will (not) help you:

  • 1) vcera jsem byl na Kick Ass 2, Pickle tam nebyl
  • 2) Radio ma jine intro, poznate az ho pustite. Pipa.
  • 3a) "migi pata pada, mee piku piku, miza buru buru" nic?
  • 3b) tak to asi nemate PP sense (Jap 1x15 6:49) jak chcete dat tohle?
  • 4) bude udelana i Quad verze s touto .. adresou (ale jeste neni)
  • 5) mimo radia je na strance info o ddr (pro dva a ctyri lidi)
  • 6) ja nevim, jedu do japanu, mel bych si procvicit anglictinu
  • 7) mam rad bootstrap, jednoduche a elegantni
  • 8a) na radiu na vas mrkne derpy, a ziva velikost photo finishe
  • 8b) a v pozadi i nekteri z nasich

    26.08.2013Radio is alive. 24/7
    also Czech radio site is working (FUP savers)

    24.08.2013 – Few images and backgrounds updated.

    21.08.2013Quad4MLP and Trotmania page - checked.
    And we have Quad4MLP 2.71 video.
    Ouch, and check also Spoilers page. Videos and pictures about MLP S04E06 (yay, time machine way)

    19.08.2013 – And we are alive!
    have fun - checked

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    • Radio - ehm, yeap. You can hear us.
    • DDR - Trotmania
    • DDR - Quad4MLP
    • Safety on board for ponies
    • Blog - 1st Czech bronies blog ever
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