(\_ Spoilers? _/)

Are you wondering from where PowerPonies comes from?



Hello my mellow spoiler seekers.
Did you try some pages like .powerponies.cz ? Maybe you spould seek for them a bit deeper. There are a few hints:
applebloom, awesome, ban, banka, bricks, bronies, cf, corwin, czequestria, darm, drink, foto, galacon, honzdir, iq, izv, jamis, kdo-se-ztrati, krajkhour, larp, ldap, madeleine, ocd, palacinky, pidi, tom, ...
There are more to find!!

The source

Do you know names like: Mistress Marevolous, Radiance, Saddle Ranger, Super Twilight Sparkle, Zap, and Zip? You do now.

Dush, tara. All started from this video: Full video should be: What this comes from? Its roads of MLP season 4 goodness from the MLP Comic Con 2013 panel. And if all goes well, we will see Power Ponies at MLP S04E06. Tadaaa.

Fan art

There are toons of cool pictures from all kind of bronies. Check them out:

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Do you have some? Upload them on Deviantart.