(\_ Quad 4 MLP _/)

Four players Stepmania MLP edition


So, you want to know something more about this gorgeous game, huh? All right.

This baby is called DanceDanceRevolution of DDR and you suppose to hit moving arrows by stepping on correspond arrows on dance pad. In real it looks like this. Believe or note, it’s great fun.

What is different at this one?

  • ponified
  • hidden pony content
  • community joke about pony and members
  • oh, and its DDR for 4 players
  • like 4 players at once, with their own arrows
  • not some kinda of sh*t like multiplayer with one arrows for all 32 players
  • there's pony announcers
  • there's pony songs
  • there's pony really really huge amount of songs
  • and that kinda it

Wana technical stuffs? Fine

Stepmania 3.9 for 4 players

  • source code based on SM 3.9 4player version (2005)
  • theme based on Quad4ITG (2008)
  • This is private version of Stepmania for Czech Bronies community. Theme, intro, voices, announcer and songs are changing monthly based on community events. This is version 2.71 created on 06/2013 due Equestria Girls movie. Quad4MLP 2.50 eg. have Japaneses MLP intro due 04/2013 release of MLP at Japan.

    Songs inside are from packs:

  • Arrows are Magic
  • Season 01 Pack
  • Trotmania (Crusaders, (Chrystalize and (Rhythm is Magic)
  • Those pack you can download at ddr.pocitac.com or Z-I-W page.



    This is how MLP4Quad (ver 2.71) looks like:

    Or do you prefer video?