(\_ Trotmania _/)

Pump me up with MLP DDR songs!


Soooo, I guess that you know what DDR, Stepmania and Trotmania is. That is a music-danding game for you feats. And you are looking for Trotmania songs or maybe Trotmania theme right?

Well, you can gete everything from:
Trotmania homepage [individual packages]

Or, grab my Trotmania PACK at:
Trotmania download section [~ 10GB]

It cointains one big archove with:

  • Stepmania program
  • Stepmania additional libraries
  • Trotmania I. II. and III. themes
  • DDR/MLP/Jamis announcer pack
  • Noteskings pack (SM, DDR, ITG, Trotmania)
  • ... and songs
    • Trotmania 1/2/3,..
    • DDR classic
    • ITG classic
  • and all with background videos

Got it! Great. Oh, wait .. you still don't have enought?

Try ITG (In The Groove)
The best game for learning basic, regular play and to pro level. Great synced music, treat interface, fittness, marathon and survival more. It's simple the best.
Xsoft's ITG 2 pack

And there is also pack with pure DDR. Specially it's "Dance Dance Revolution X"
Xsoft's DDR X pack

More links there for more songs are at:
Download section

You can learn more at:
stepmania.com [Stepmania homepage]
ddr.pocitac.com [Czech DDR blog] (oh, it's mine)
ddrforum.pocitac.com [Czech DDR blog] (oh, it's also mine)
z-i-v.com [Zenius I Vanisher]



Just for occasion that you do not know how Trotmania 2 looks like: